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"BHC is a vibrant, caring community that warmly welcomes, embraces and engages..."

- Martha Weiman

Etz Chaim

Tree of Life

Referring to the Torah (all of Jewish learning) and meaning “Tree of Life,” Etz Chaim is the name of our Life-Long Learning Project at BHC. From the children in our schools to our adults, each member of BHC can create his or her own leaf on one of the many branches of learning we offer. Like a tree, our learning opportunities will grow along with the number of members choosing to participate in “Talmud Torah,” the study of Jewish tradition and practice.

Each person will have the opportunity to create his or her own individualized learning program by choosing from the varied and growing list of options available. Choose as much or as little as you are able to do—it's your unique program that's easy and fun! Explore all of the options BHC has available to you, and enjoy your journey of life-long Jewish learning!

Adult Hebrew Learning Options

This fall there will be two opportunities for expanding your Hebrew knowledge:
1.  Adult Beginner Hebrew will be offered on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:05 am. If you can’t read a stitch of Hebrew this class is for you! 

2. Additionally, if you have never had a bar or bat mitzvah ceremony, this class is the first step in achieving that goal. Our Adult B’nai Mitzvah Program begins anew this year and will culminate at a Shabbat service sometime in the spring of 2015. For more information contact Becky Gutin, bgutin@bhcong.org.

Adult B'nai Mitzvah

BHC offers a course for those who never had the opportunity to celebrate becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at the age of 13. Our two year program, culminating in being called to Torah, utilizes all of the adult learing options given here at the Temple and around the community. Membership at BHC is required. Contact Becky Gutin at bgutin@bhcong.org for additional information.

Adult Institute

Each year, hundreds of people from different Jewish denominations join together on four consecutive Tuesday evenings to choose from a vast array of topics of interest taught by leaders from many Jewish organizations. Each week gives the opportunity to participate in two classes, with a break in the middle to shmooze with friends. To register, visit http://baltimorerabbis.org.

Brotherhood Breakfasts

What does a guy do on a Sunday morning from 9:30 am -11:00 am? How about treating ourselves to a free delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, bagels, lox, cream cheese, orange juice, danish and coffee? Not to be missed is the lively question and answer period following the speech. Members and non-members welcome. No reservation required.

Chai Life

Chai Life is BHC's exciting group for 23-35 year olds. The group's events consist of Downtown Shabbats, coffeeshop group discussions with our rabbis, an adult kickball team, restaurant events and much more. For more information about Chai Life, contact Andy Wayne, Program Director at 410-764-1587, ext. 246, or at awayne@bhcong.org.

Community Activities

Every year at BHC, in Baltimore, or in places throughout the country and the world, opportunities arise to enhance our learning. If you attend a museum, concert, theater production, movie, or other event with a Jewish connection; or if you travel to places of Jewish interest, write about it for the Bulletin and/or offer to speak to a group or school class about it. You will enhance the lives of others, while at the same time, earning credits towards your program.

Community Scholar-in-Residence

The four Reform Jewish congregations in Baltimore join together every year to sponsor a weekend Scholar-in-Residence generously supported by the Pearlstone Family Fund. Each year, a different world-class scholar and exciting theme are chosen. A wonderful opportunity to learn and make new friends in our broader community. Watch the Bulletin for further details.

Interfaith Institute

The Interfaith Institute is long-standing annual tradition hosted at BHC. Members of various faiths gather to explore a compelling topic of mutual interest, hear the views of dynamic guest-speakers and panelists, and engage in dialogue. Invite a friend and come for the day-long program that will provide much food for thought. Contact Carol Caplan, carolcjcaa@comcast.net for information.

Kol Rinnah

Led by Cantor Robbie Solomon and Music Director Jimmy Galdieri, this volunteer choir rehearses weekly, on Tuesday evenings, preparing to help lead our Congregation in song at many Shabbat services during the year. If you love to sing, this is the place for you! Contact Cantor Robbie Solomon, rsolomon@bhcong.org for additional information.

PEP - Pursuing Educational Possibilities

PEP is a group of friendly adults who study together at BHC on select Sunday mornings in a casual and relaxed setting. We have four different classes, two each semester. Every PEP class begins with a bagel and sweets breakfast at 9 am. Each PEP member is responsible for helping to provide one breakfast during the course of the year. Children are invited to the breakfast before attending Religious School. PEP concludes at 11:45 am. Contact Ruth Spivak, spivakcpa@verizon.net, for additional information.

To download our 2014-2015 PEP flyer, click here.

Second Monday Series

Second Monday Series is for thinking individuals interested in learning about and discussing today's HOT TOPICS with the experts. This program is ponsored by BHC's Sisterhood; American Jewish Committee, Baltimore Chapter; and National Council of Jewish Women, Baltimore Section.

Click here to view the 2014-2015 speakers and topics. Contact Nancy Tobias, nancydtobias@gmail.com for additional information.

(Sisterhood) Book Club

This program is hosted by Sisterhood but open to all. Dates and book titles for this fun and interactive activity offered throughout the year will be announced. Contact Karan Engerman, karansander@comcast.net, for additional information.


Sisterhood Lunch and Learn

Several times during the year, join a group open to all, which meets over lunch to discuss a topic of current interest, led by a member of our clergy team. Good food, good fun, good ideas! Watch the Bulletin for details.

Sisterhood Shabbaton

Join members of Sisterhood and our clergy for Sisterhood's annual Shabbat Retreat away from the pressures of everyday life. Participate in prayer, study, meditation and social activities with old friends and new! Watch the Bulletin for details.

Triple Treat Thursdays

Study, eat and schmooze at this offering from Sisterhood on select Thursdays, 10:30 am-2 pm, beginning in October. Members of our clergy teach different courses each year. Open to all - men and women! For more information, click here.

Torah Talk

Led by our rabbis and at times by lay leaders, this interactive discussion group examines weekly Torah portions and selected books of the Prophets and Writings, the second and third sections of the Torah. Join us each Shabbat morning from 9 am -10 am for lively conversation and stay for the service afterward! No background required—just a willingness to learn and share ideas or just listen. Contact Rabbi Busch, abusch@bhcong.org, for addtitional information.

Your Ideas are Always Welcome!

Our Life-Long Jewish Learning program at BHC will continue to grow over the years. Please offer your suggestions or volunteer to teach a class in an area of interest, or help sponsor a program with a donation. Contact Rabbi Busch, abusch@bhcong.org, for more information.

Other Resources: Union for Reform Judaism

Family Shabbat Table Talk

Family Shabbat Table Talk was discontinued in 2006, but the archives are preserved for your learning and enjoyment.

Meet our commentators, learn about Middot (Virtues) with your family, read the Jewish Parent Page devoted to Shabbat and check out other editions of the Jewish Parent Page for creative Jewish holiday ideas.

Many of the parashiyot (weekly portions) include multiple stories and themes, and each week focuses on a different one. If you have studied with Family Shabbat Table Talk in previous years, you will be able to draw on your previous knowledge, but you will also find these lessons to be unique. Visit http://urj.org/shabbat/intro.

Eilu V'eilu: These and those are the words of the Living God

This point/counterpoint model involves a dialogue between two scholars and provides for your active participation. This kind of intellectual debate is at the center of our tradition. For details visit http://urj.org/torah/ten/eilu.

Ten Minutes of Torah

The Union will send you a one-page e-mail each day on a topic of Jewish interest. All you need to do is find 10 minutes a day to "do Torah." To sign up, visit http://urj.org/torah/ten.

Reform Voices of Torah - Torah Study

Reform Voices of Torah is the weekly online Torah commentary provided by the Union for Reform Judaism. To listen log onto http://urj.org/torah.