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"BHC is a vibrant, caring community that warmly welcomes, embraces and engages..."

- Martha Weiman


Baltimore Hebrew Congregation FAQ


  1. How can I become a member?
  2. Is it possible to receive financial assistance if I find I cannot afford my dues or Religious School tuition?


  1. Is there a place for youth and young adults at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation?
  2. I am the parent of young children. Are there worship opportunities for us as a family?
  3. What do you offer active Seniors?
  4. How can I volunteer?


  1. Do you accept Interfaith couples and families?
  2. Do you have a Conversion Class?
  3. Do you perform Interfaith weddings?
  4. When is Basic Judaism offered and how can I register?

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

  1. How long before my Bar/Bat Mitzvah will I be receiving my materials and begin my Bar/Bat Mitzvah training?
  2. What exactly is an Aliyah and how many Aliyot do we have at BHC?
  3. Can a non-Jewish parent or grandparent participate in the Torah Transmission at BHC?

Religious School

  1. Can I register online?
  2. Is there a written curriculum that I can read?
  3. What days are Religious School classes held?
  4. What is BEIT-RJ?
  5. Is there a Religious School calendar online?

Life-Long Jewish Learning

  1. What is Etz Chaim?
  2. What options are available for Adult Learning?
  3. What options are available for children and their families?


  1. How many people can the Temple accommodate at a life-cycle event?
  2. Can we have birthday parties or special anniversaries at the Temple?
  3. Can a non-member use the facilities?
  4. If I have a small wedding, where else can I have it besides the Sanctuary?
  5. Which caterers are used most by members for their events?