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"BHC is a vibrant, caring community that warmly welcomes, embraces and engages..."

- Martha Weiman


BHC welcomes people of all backgrounds. We embrace interfaith families and couples and those who have converted to Judaism. BHC offers programs and events to ensure that those new to Judaism are comfortable with worship, rituals, customs, and celebrations. To explore Etz Chaim, our Life-Long Jewish Learning programs, click here.

Morgan Smothers (left) became a Bat Mitzvah on April 12, 2008, while her mother Lee Smothers became a Bat Mitzvah on March 29 with BHC's Adult B'nai Mitzvah class

One Woman's Jourey: A Mother/Daughter Bat Mitavah

LeDornai Smothers embarked on her Judaic journey of discovery in 2000 when she began questioning the doctrines of her Catholic faith. As she began reading extensive Judaic teachings, reseaching shuls and eventually landing at BHC, the seed was planted deep within her long before she voiced her decision to convert to Judaism.

Lee brought her family to a Friday Shabbat Worship at BHC and the feeling she describes of community and love is far beyond spiritual—the Congregation embraced her with a responsive, friendly and warm welcome. Lee finally found a measure of peace and solace with her new religious family­­—a feeling that embraced her young daughter Morgan as well. On December 25, 2004, Lee and Morgan converted to Judaism. Lee was looking forward to the day they would stand together, as mother and daughter, on the bema to become Jewish adults. Although their story didn't quite unfold that way. . . click to read more.