If you ever wondered if a Guinness World Record was available for the biggest workplace bingo game in the world, just don’t wonder. The current record high at their Maidenhead Headquarters was recently founded by Mecca Bingo, one of the oldest UK bingo operators.

In an epic game that destroyed the previous world record of 97 were 235 staff of both the Mecca and the company’s parent company operator Rank Group. And it wasn’t just a stunt for ads. The event was founded as a fundraiser for the Carers Trust and raised over £400! Legs Eleven Mecca talked to Caroline Webb about the fun of the workers at the event:

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It was not only a chance to test our own bingo skills, but also a brilliant way to contribute to raising additional funding and sensitivity for the wonderful work carried out in the UK by carers. The fundraising campaign was also highly satisfied by Gail Scott Spicer, CEO for the Carers Trust (which funds unpaid and poor earnings carriers in the UK):

Queen of dancing 

The funds raised by the team, along with the impressive sums raised during the year, helps Carers Trust provide assistance by way of a grant fund to thousands of unpaid caregivers, to provide them with the equipment to carry out their duties and to ensure that their health and welfare are maintained.

Fundraising for the event was the main objective, but it is not possible to ignore the promotion factor either – it has been an interesting way for Mecca to achieve some exposure and it has also shown people how exciting bingo games can be.

Online bingo

The UK is the largest share of Rank Group’s sales, with a total of 94%. It is also a pioneer in the online market for bingo products, which has grown considerably since smartphones were introduced. The remote gambling industry was valued at some GBP 4.5 billion last year, about a third of GBP 13.8 billion.

Since 2010, the kind of mechanised cash bingo 12Joker malaysia bet online  used in casinos and bingo halls has been steadily decreasing. The bingo prize was hit even more difficult. Although it’s seen a small uptick in recent years, the share of bingo sales in 2010 is nowhere near £400 million.

Duck & Look

It may come as a surprise if you’re not a lot of a bingo player, but the average age of today’s bingo fans is far younger than you might imagine. More than 30% of players between the ages of 25 and 34, just 12% of them over 50 years.

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This is because live bingo is still popular – a family tradition that has been attended by many ages. It does something to dissipate the misconceptions of the game and reveals that it is still going to be around for a long time.

These numbers are in line with general developments in the play world, with more and more consumers moving to virtual modes that are more comfortable and available. The real-life and physical betting of slots and bookmakers has been diminishing.


What keeps bingo alive is the main attraction of the stage. This style remained very stable in sales and expanded even marginally last year. The new record breaker of Mecca will be quick to understand – Live bingo in online casino Malaysia still has a major draw because of its social engagement and entertainment value.


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